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My Pleasure

August 31, 2012

I’m at a party or someone’s house for dinner and the host comes up to me and says, “I’d like you meet my good friend, Jack Shamoken.”

“Nice to meet you,” Jack says.

“My pleasure,” is what I always say, and so it’s my pleasure to welcome you to this blog.

I’ve been a journalist for many, many years, and if I tell you how long you’ll try to guess my age and that wouldn’t be polite of you. I’ve also published my first novel, “The Champagne Ladies,” which takes place in Summer 1968 in Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood. That’s where I’m from, though I don’t live there anymore. I’m on the North Side of the city now.  But as the saying goes, “You can take the boy out of the South Side but you can’t take the South Side out of the boy.” I remain an avid White Sox fan, even though the Cubs and Wrigley Field are within walking distance of my digs.

So much for the small talk. Because I’m a writer, editor, novelist and self-proclaimed expert on the English language (all such experts are self-proclaimed) that’s what I’ll be writing about. So send in your questions about gerunds, dangling modifiers and sentence adverbs; you’ll find your expert advice here. Want to know how to write a news feature, profile, obit, column or editorial? You’ve come to the right place.

I’ll also write a lot about myself, sort of a “My day, and welcome to it.” I’ve read blogs by other writers who recount how they spent four hours trying to get a paragraph just right. I’ve taken comfort in the fact that I’m not alone. Perhaps I can offer you comfort as well.

One Comment
  1. Marge Meyer permalink

    I love this blog. Very educational, informative. Loved your book “Champagne Ladies” and look forward to the next book.

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