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What is the Fur For?

September 11, 2012

I’m bugged by something, and have been for many years. It’s probably a minor thing, but I’m funny that way.

It’s how people pronounce the word “for.” Do you know anyone who pronounces it “fur?” Everyone, I bet. You hear it pronounced that way on newscasts, talk shows, in political speeches, during everyday conversations with colleagues, during the sermon on Sunday mornings. The only time I can abide that pronunciation is when it’s spoken by a patron at an ale house who’s trying to make a drunken point about something.

You hear it in every part of the country, so it’s not merely a regional pronunciation. I don’t know when I first noticed how people spoke that word but lately I’ve been listening closely to see how often it’s mispronounced. I guess I have a lot of time on my hands and wouldn’t notice it as much if I took up a hobby.

I don’t think less of people when they say it, since it seems to be the accepted pronunciation and for all I know they were taught to speak that way. But I do wonder how they’d pronounce the headline on this post.


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