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New Novel

October 2, 2012

Yesterday I began work on a new novel. No details, because a writer doesn’t talk about a work in progress. Never do that. Someone might steal your story and publish his own version before you do. Seriously, it’s happened.

I’ll reveal this much: It takes place in the Little Village neighborhood of Chicago, as did “The Champagne Ladies.” There’s a strong possibility that a favorite character from that book, Joey “Baloney” Boloccini will make a reappearance, investigating a series of burglaries–and a murder.

Writing “The Champagne Ladies” I forged a bond with Joey. I loved the way he thought and acted, often in ways I couldn’t control. He had a life of his own and I couldn’t stop him. God knows what he’ll do in this new book.

Starting this new one was no easier than the first time. What should I name the characters? What year should I set it in, and why that particular year?

I’ll keep you posted on my travails.

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