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The Business Side of Creativity

October 9, 2012

For indepenent authors, writing is not the most difficult part of the job. Marketing themselves is.

Persistence pays off, however. I’m featured today on, in a story about what inspires writers to . . . well . . . write. If you’re an indie, the job doesn’t end with creating compelling characters and a story that has readers passionately shouting, “More, give me more! Don’t stop now! Write another book!”

In addition to a long, distinguished career in journalism, I had a a brief, undistinguished career in PR after I was laid off from the magazine I worked at. I learned how to write news releases and post them on free PR websites (, 24-7Press,,, and the value in pitching your story to niche publications.

I did all that as my novel, “The Champagne Ladies,” was being published. I’ve “gotten press,” as the old saying goes, twice now in two months and will follow up with two other media outlets I pitched previously, sending them the news about my latest publicity on

As a journalist I covered marketing and advertising for 23 years, in addition to politics, crime, education and features, and know the importance of establishing a brand and building brand equity. Independent authors are their own brands, and they must become marketers to ensure that others (thousands, hopefully) realize how compelling their characters and stories are.

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