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Nailed It

November 5, 2012

Follow-up to my forlorn post of Sunday, Nov. 4, about being stuck on my new novel, “The Coffin Haulers.”

I followed my own advice to my fellow writers: I sat down and wrote. I trusted my characters and the lives I instilled in them to carry the story along. More important, I trusted myself as a writer to have the confidence that my characters would not let me down, that they knew what they were doing, would act according to the values they hold and essentially say: Don’t worry, Gregg. Give us the space we need, let us take it from here. You may type the words coming out of our mouths, but they’re our words. Relax, come back to us tomorrow, we can’t wait to move on. We won’t disappoint you. Now, go have a beer.

I solved the problem by having the character of private detective Joey Baloney, who had two weak clues, go out and find another one, this one a shocker that moves the story along and gets me closer to the resolution of the mystery.

Today’s word count: 1,109. Friday’s word count when I was deep in despair: 231.

I think I will have that beer.

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