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‘Ain’t Writin’ Peace?’

March 26, 2014

w.p. mayhewThat’s a line spoken by the character of W.P. Mayhew (played by the great John Mahoney) in the movie Barton Fink. Mayhew is obviously based on William Faulkner and the time he spent writing scripts in Hollywood.

Anyway, I’m in a lull between freelance assignments and for the the past two days have returned to writing my third, still untitled, novel (see previous post). Writing a magazine piece or PR news release is stressful; I have to constantly be aware that I’m accurate in everything I write and that I adhere to a strict word limit.

But writing fiction brings peace. Today it took me an hour to get two sentences right about a character I’ve named Lester Putrchek, and from there, when I knew exactly what I wanted him to do and say, I was off to the races. (Sorry for the cliche). Even as I struggled with those sentences I felt serene, but the act of creation is supposed to feel that way. I did my usual pacing, staring out the window, doubting myself and my talent, rubbing my forehead in exasperation — but I enjoyed it. I wasn’t under a deadline and didn’t feel compelled to write something that was less than perfect, though when I look it over tomorrow I’ll know it’s not perfect.

Peacefulness may be fleeting, but that doesn’t matter. There’s always tomorrow, when I can find more.

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