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I’ve added a Humor page in which I include pieces I wrote that were never published despite my best efforts to convince an editor they were worth publishing. I wrote a humor column for many years at a newspaper, where I was also the managing editor, so there was no question about the column making it into the paper. It’s a lot harder getting published when you’re not the boss.

I never intentionally set out to be humorous; my goal was to make a point about politics, society, sports, restaurants, film, TV, advertising–you name it. The way it came out is the way I think about things. By the way, there’s a difference between humor and comedy: Humor is Mark Twain, S.J. Perelman and Calvin Trillin, comedy is a any stand-up comic that comes to mind. The humorist hopes to expose the absurdity of life, the commedian cracks one-liners and hopes to get a paycheck.

Hover your cursor on the Humor page and click on what you want to read. Sometimes I’ll post a blog item and include it on that page, other times I’ll write something original. I’m just starting out, so let’s see where the accident takes us.

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